Raised right on green grass and good grain, Peeler Farms succulent, beautifully marbled Wagyu beef is a favorite of chefs and meat lovers throughout Texas. The Peeler Family owns their cattle from birth through finish and process them at their own USDA processing facility, ensuring complete quality control. The Wagyu cattle come from the highest-quality lineages, benefit from ethical breeding and humane treatment, and are never fed hormones or antibiotics. Although Wagyu is the Peeler’s first love, they like to keep the farm interesting! Peeler Farms is a small family business. Marianna Peeler personally chooses each cut of meat for her clients. Not only have the cattle been raised by her husband and children, she’s the one taking your order. If you care about individual attention to every detail, you understand Peeler Farms.

If it’s from Peeler Farms, it’s tender, flavorful, and backed by more than 100 years of cattle-ranching history.


The Peeler family has been in the cattle business for over 110 years in South Texas. In 2007, Marianna and Jason decided to introduce the Wagyu and Akaushi breeds into their cattle herd. The herd was started with the purchase of an Akaushi cow which was then bred to one of the Angus bulls. Over the past 12 years the herd has grown with the introduction of more Akaushi breeding stock and 4 Akaushi bulls.

In 2009, Peeler farms began as a chicken and egg operation to teach the four Peeler kids how animals are raised, where food comes from, and as an extra chore. Peeler Farms chicken and eggs could be found at the Pearl Farmers Market and many restaurants in the San Antonio/Austin area. Wagyu Beef was finally introduced into Peeler Farms products in 2014, and quickly gained a following with the same chefs and farmers market customers. In 2014, the decision was made to specialize in just beef. Peeler Farms Wagyu has been our focus ever since.

The entire Peeler family is involved in some way with Peeler Farms Wagyu. When home from college, their children can be found around the farm working the cattle on horseback, cutting meat at their USDA meat processing facility, or packing meat for delivery to customers.

Peeler Farms is a small, family-owned and operated business. Customers place their orders directly with Marianna. The order is then carefully chosen and packed by the Peeler Farms team before being delivered.

Animal husbandry and land stewardship is the top priority of a rancher, and for Peeler Farms. The Peelers take great pride in how their animals are raised and treated. With the help of industry expert Curt Pate, every person that comes in contact with their livestock is trained to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals. These practices are evident throughout the animals’ entire life, and it shows in the final product.

Land is the most essential asset for raising livestock. Without a healthy, clean environment the animals cannot get the nourishment they need to thrive. When asked, the Peelers commonly refer to themselves as “grass farmers”, because it is the foundation of their entire operation. Pastures are planted with seasonal grasses for grazing and also cut for hay to feed in the winter. It’s not uncommon to see the Peeler’s oldest son, Ben, bailing hay late into the night. All of the animals are on a rotational grazing system, which helps maintain the soil to grow lush grasses.

In addition to native grass, their livestock are fed healthy, local grains specially formulated by an animal nutritionist, and blended at their feed mill. Did you know that the Peelers buy all of their grains from farmers within 150 miles of the farm? Not only does this benefit Peeler Farms, but it also helps local farmers ensure a buyer for their crops!

Peeler Farms Wagyu is a 100% vertically integrated beef company.


The cattle are born into our herd and raised with their mothers until they are weaned around 8 months old. Once they are weaned, they are introduced into the grazing system in Floresville.

All of our cattle are followed throughout their lifespan by Jason and our team of cowboys. The date of birth, genetics and all feeding information is documented for the animal’s entire life. We do not sell our Wagyu genetics or cattle. We do not buy harvest-ready animals from other breeders. Our animals and our beef can be fully traced back to Peeler Farms with all the information about them readily available.

All of our Wagyu cattle are harvested in Poth, Texas (7 miles from the farm) in our USDA processing facility, Dean & Peeler Meatworks.

The beef is then cut by our master butchers, packed according to our customers’ orders, and then stored in our coolers/freezers until delivered by one of the Peeler Farms team.

Our customers can truly see the quality of our products; and we believe this can only come from personally being a part of each step. Our dedication to our animals and to our land is sole reason for our success. Our hands-on approach ensures the whole animal, nose to tail, is utilized as much as possible.


We are proud to use Peeler Farms because of its provenance, flavor, and consistency. Marianna obviously takes a lot of pride in her herd, and supporting her and her way of raising beef that’s both delicious and raised right is an easy choice for us.

-Jesse Griffiths, Dai Due, Austin

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South Texas, Family owned, Locally raised, natural and grass fed