Frequently Asked Questions

What is wagyu?
Wagyu is the Japanese word for Japanese cow. ‘Wa’ means Japanese and ‘gyu’ means cow. The Wagyu breed were originally used as draft animals in agriculture due to their physical endurance. Wagyu cattle can be red or black. Our herd consists mainly of the red, or Akaushi, breed but we have introduced black Wagyu over the last two years. It has become more common to hear “American Wagyu” to identify what is raised domestically, in comparison to imported beef from Japan. Our herd was started the same way most American Wagyu herds are, with the crossing of traditional beef cattle with a purebred Wagyu.

What’s so different about wagyu?
Wagyu beef has a greater amount of intramuscular fat, or marbling, than other breeds of cattle. Wagyu beef also has a finer texture, resulting in a more flavorful eating experience.

Health experts have reported that the benefits of eating Wagyu beef over other beef, results in higher levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Wagyu beef contains the highest amount of CLA per gram of any food due to the higher linoleic acid levels. In fact, it has 30% more CLA than other breeds. Foods that are high in naturally occurring CLA have fewer negative health effects.

How is Peeler wagyu certified?
Our Wagyu undergo a rigorous testing process by the USDA. Only USDA-certified Wagyu can have the word “Wagyu” on the label.

Check Your Label — Certified Real Waygu

What do your cattle eat?
Our cattle graze outside on our 2,000-acre farm, eating rye grass in the winter and coastal grass in the summer. We also serve them locally produced vegetarian grain, locally produced by South Texas farmers, and never laced with antibiotics or hormones.

What happens if an animal gets sick?
We will treat the animal with antibiotics, of course, but it will be removed from the herd and will never be sold as Peeler Farms meat.

What is your humane handling process?
Peeler Farms takes great pride and care in the handling of all livestock and animals. No hot shots or electric cattle prods are used on the animals. They have implemented the use of flags to move cattle or startle them into moving forward.

The majority of the time, the cattle are worked with horses or on foot. The cowboys know that the cattle are more comfortable with the horses which means less stress on the cattle and less injury. Sometimes, the cattle are checked by a cowboy only. He has been taught the proper way to walk through the herd to keep them quiet and low stress and how to identify any problems.

Do you sell your cattle?
No. We take pride in our breeding operation and cattle lineage, and keep all of our cattle on the ranch from birth to finish. We only sell meat.

Where can I find Peeler Wagyu beef?
You can purchase online, at our retail shop in Floresville, TX, and right at the farm in Floresville, TX We are now at the Downtown SFC Farmers Market in Austin, Salt and Time Butcher Shop, Peeler Farms Farm Store and Farmhouse Delivery.

How should I thaw my steaks?
The best way to thaw a steak is in the refrigerator. The meat will stay at a constant, cold temperature while it defrosts. This keeps it at a safe temperature, and you won’t run the risk of becoming ill from bad bacteria.

Do you offer anything other than beef?
In the past, we’ve raised everything from poultry to water buffalo to lamb. We’ve even sold farm-fresh bacon and eggs! Although our current focus is on our succulent Wagyu beef, we do occasionally offer other seasonal products. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about it first!

Where to Find Us

We are available at several restaurants, butcher shops and farmers markets.  Find out more on our Contact Us Page.

Shipping & Returns
We pride ourselves on the quality of our fresh and perishable products, so the farm’s shipping methods meet the highest standards. See how we ensure your order arrives in perfect condition on our Shipping & Returns page.

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One of my favorite aspects about butchery is not only the meat, but also how the animal was raised. Peeler Farms is one of the only vertically integrated beef operations in Texas, which means our cows are happy, and happy cows make delicious beef.

-Julia Poplawsky, Butcher

South Texas, Family owned, Locally raised, natural and grass fed